WITU’s distribution of Disaster Relief funds after Hurricane Irma

The Windward Islands Teacher’s Union received via Bank Transfer from the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT) the sum of US $ 27,000.

The board of the WITU decided to distribute these funds equally to our membership because in our country everybody suffered damages from the ravage of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, which were less than two weeks following each other.
It was decided to organize an Open House on December 7th, 2017 with snacks and drinks and invite our members to come to our headquarters to receive a cheque from the disaster funds. The invitation was placed in the local newspaper “The Daily Herald” and was also done in a live Press Conference that would be transmitted on radio stations during their news broadcast by Madame President, Mrs. Claire Elshot.
The objective was also a “meet and greet”, where the members could interact and share their stories with others while waiting in line for their cheques they could also full in a survey from the St. Maarten Consumer Foundation on their damages and needs assessment based on the damages sustained to their personal household.

A total of 217 cheques were given out by our treasurer Mr. Robert Rawlins after he made sure that the teaching and non-teaching staff that WITU represent are paying  members with dues paid up to September 2017. Each member received of Nafls 200,- (equivalent to US $ 110, ) . From the feedback received, our members were happy and appreciated the fact that the WITU board had decided to put them first, even though WITU’s office had suffered some serious damages also.

On behalf of our members we would like to say a big thank you to Education International and Caribbean Union of Teachers for this contribution and for having us in their thoughts and prayers.

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